About Us

Welcome to Ken Grody Ford Fleet Department!

Since starting in 2003, we have quickly become one of the largest and top volume Fleet and Commercial Dealerships in Southern California. We specialize in large and small Commercial accounts with repeat customers calling and coming in each day.

Our experienced Fleet Department has a combined experience working in the auto industry for over 95 years. Our Service Department includes skilled Diesel Technicians, Transmission Specialists, and Heavy Equipment Machinists.  

Dean Nissen, Director of Fleet, has a combined 22 years of experience working at Carmenita Truck Center and creating Ken Grody Ford's Fleet Department from the start. Soon after starting the Fleet Department, a long time friend and co-worker, Travis White, joined and expansion followed. Since 2003, we have grown from one Director to one Director, 6 Fleet Managers, 2 Commercial & Business Finance Managers, 1 Fleet Marketing & Brand Manager, and 2 Inventory Specialist.

 Our Fleet Sales Department are involved within the community and ensuring their customer's needs are met on a daily basis from sales, to service, to financing, and more. We deliver nationwide and overseas including Hawaii, and with affordable transportation costs that we structure into lost cost payments, we ensure that you leave with nothing less than the best deal possible.

Ken Grody Ford Fleet Department regularly attend Trade Shows, Golf Tournaments, and sponsored events around the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego Area. Being a leader in Orange County for both Retail and Commercial allows Ken Grody Ford to offer the best prices, the largest discounts, and the most extensive inventory. 



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